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Claiming the philologic inheritance of Luís Filipe Lindley Cintra, this Group aims at locating, interpreting and critically editing literary and non-literary, unpublished or unsatisfactorily published texts that are relevant to the history and the description of Portuguese language. 

The group acts in the fields of genetic criticism, history of the book and bibliography. It currently focuses on the development of electronic resources that enhance the reading and the study of literary and metalinguistic texts, giving special attention to Middle Ages and the Baroque period. At the same time the genetic and critical edition of modern authors such as Almeida Garrett, Camilo Castelo Branco and Fernando Pessoa is proceeding.   

The Group intends to build a reference frame for the study and philological practice in Portugal, making evident the contribution of Philology for the research in the History of Language, as well as for the preservation of literary and cultural memory. 

Furthermore the research materializes in partnerships with the Programme in Textual Criticism and the Department of General and Romance Linguistics, teaching units at FLUL.