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The group ANAGRAMA (Grammatical Analysis and Corpora) carries out research on the adult grammar and on the acquisition and development of L1 and L2: description, resources and applications. The group’s research focuses mainly on European Portuguese, other national varieties of Portuguese and Portuguese lexically based Creoles, although it also covers comparative studies with other languages.


The main objectives of the group are:

(i) to provide integrated descriptions of syntactic, morphological, lexical, semantic and phonological aspects of grammar, under theoretical frameworks which enable the understanding of the acquisition process, the variation between languages and the microvariation;

(ii) to enhance existing resources (e.g. corpora of other varieties of Portuguese, of child language and of specialized domains) and to make them available for online query on user-friendly interfaces;

(iii) to explore and extend descriptions, resources and applications to different fields: teaching Portuguese as L1 and L2 (Educational Linguistics), corpus shallow-processing, resources for technical and scientific translation, scales of typical language development, tools for linguistic standardization.