Grammar & Resources
Concluded VAPOR - African Varieties of Portuguese
2015 CLAP - Complement clauses in the Acquisition of Portuguese
2015 COPAS - Contrast and Parallelism is Speech
2015 LeCIEPLE - Learner Corpus: from research to teaching of Portuguese Foreign/Second Language
2014 The origins and develpoment of creole societies in the Gulf of Guinea: an interdisciplinary study
2014 SemiAutLex.PT - Semi-automatic construction of relational lexica for Portuguese 
2013 ISCH COST Action IS0804: Language Impairment in a Multilingual  Society: Linguistic Patterns and the Road to Assessment,European Cooperation in Science and Technology
2013 METANET4U - Enhancing the European Linguistic Infrastructure
2013 SynExtract - automatic extraction of synonymy relations for a cost-effective acquisition of language resources
2012 Online Portuguese - Slovak/Slovak-Portuguese Dictionary
2012 WordNet PortControl - CLG - Controlled Portuguese
2011 SILC - Silent Constituents in the Grammar of Portuguese
2010 Aquisição do Portugês Europeu: Recursos e Resultados Linguísticos
2010 PREPLEXOS - Complex Predicates: typology and annotation
2010 WordNet.PTglobal - Lexical-Conceptual Network of Portuguese Varieties
2007 Properties of African Portuguese Varieties compared with European Portuguese
2006 COMBINA-PT - Word Combinations in Portuguese Language
2006 LENCIC - Lexical-encyclopedic interface in the construction of computational lexical
2006 Linguistic Resources for the Study of the African Varieties of Portuguese
2006 TagShare - Tagging and Shallow Morphosyntactic Processing Tools and Resources
2006 WordNet.PT - Lexical-Conceptual Network of Portuguese (II)
2005 COMPGRAM - Computation of Lexicon and Grammar
2005 UniNet.PT - Modelling of Lexical and Grammatical Knowledge of Portuguese for the integration in multilingual computational systems based on the UNL platform
2004 C-ORAL-ROM - Integrated Reference Corpora for Spoken Romance Languages
2004 Language Resources for Portuguese: a corpus and tools for query and analysis
2004 WordNet.PT - Lexical-Conceptual Network of Portuguese (I)
2003 ENABLER - European National Activities for Basic Language Resources
2003 INQUER - Human Computer Interaction in Natural Language
2003 LexNet - Specification of Lexicalization Patterns for an extension of WordNet.PT
2002 PROGRAM - Linguistic Processing Lab
2002 REDIP - International Portuguese Broadcasting Network: radio, television and press
2001 Aspects of Teaching Portuguese Morphology and Syntax as Mother Tongue
2001 AUDIOLING-LP - Language: Sound and Pronunciation
1999 ELAN - European Language Activity Network
1999 Portuguese Language: Computer-aided teaching
1999 SIMPLE - Semantic Information for Multifunctional Plurilingual Lexica
1999 Study of the Preposition DE use and Meaning in Nominal Contexts
1998 Multifunctional Computational Lexicon of Contemporary Portuguese
1997 DCP - The Combinatory Dictionary of Portuguese
1997 Spoken Portuguese - Geographical and Social Varieties
1987 Fundamental Portuguese
LabFon - Laboratory of Phonetics and Phonology
Laboratory of Psycholinguistics