ANAGRAMA - Grammatical Analysis and Corpora     
2013 METANET4U - Enhancing the European Linguistic Infrastructure
2013 ISCH COST Action IS0804: Language Impairment in a Multilingual  Society: Linguistic Patterns and the Road to Assessment,European Cooperation in Science and Technology
2011 SILC - Silent Constituents in the Grammar of Portuguese
2010 Acquisition in European Portuguese: resources and results
2010 PREPLEXOS - Complex Predicates: typology and annotation
2007 Properties of African Portuguese Varieties compared with European Portuguese
2006 COMBINA-PT - Word Combinations in Portuguese Language
2006 TagShare – Tagging and Shallow Morphosyntactic Processing Tools and Resources
2006 Linguistic Resources for the Study of the African Varieties of Portuguese
2004 Language Resources for Portuguese: a corpus and tools for query and analysis
2004 C-ORAL-ROM - Integrated Reference Corpora for Spoken Romance Languages
2003 ENABLER: European National Activities for Basic Language Resources
2002 REDIP - International Portuguese Broadcasting Network: radio, television and press
2001 AUDIOLING-LP: Portuguese Language: Sound and Pronunciation
2001 Aspects of Teaching Portuguese Morphology and Syntax as Mother Tongue
1999 SIMPLE - Semantic Information for Multifunctional Plurilingual Lexica
1999 Study of the Preposition DE use and Meaning in Nominal Contexts
1999 Portuguese Language: Computer-aided teaching
1999 European Language Activity Network (ELAN)
1998 Multifunctional Computational Lexicon of Contemporary Portuguese
1997 DCP - The Combinatory Dictionary of Portuguese
1997 Spoken Portuguese - Geographical and Social Varieties

CLG - Computation of Lexical and Grammatical Knowledge     
2012 Online Portuguese - Slovak/Slovak-Portuguese Dictionary
2012 WordNet PortControl - CLG - Controlled Portuguese
2010 WordNet.PTglobal – Lexical Conceptual Network of Portuguese Varieties
2006 LENCIC – Lexical–encyclopedic interface in the construction of computational lexical
2006 WordNet.PT – Lexical–Conceptual Network of Portuguese (II)
2005 UniNet.PT – Modelling of Lexical and Grammatical Knowledge of Portuguese for the integration in multilingual computational systems based on the UNL platform
2005 COMPGRAM - Computation of Lexicon and Grammar
2004 WordNet.PT – Lexical-Conceptual Network of Portuguese (I)
2003 Inquer - Human Computer Interaction in Natural Language
2003 LexNet – Specification of Lexicalization Patterns for an extension of WordNet.PT
2002 PROGRAM – Linguistic Processing Lab

Dialectology and Diachrony     
2013 ALPI - Elaboración y edición de los materiales del Atlas Lingüistico da la Peninsula Iberica
2013 FLY - 1900 - 1974
2012 Network European Dialect Syntax (hosted by Meertens Instituut)
2012 TEDIPOR - Thesaurus of Dialectal Portuguese
2012 CARDS
2011 DUPLEX - Doubles and Expletives in European Portuguese Dialect Syntax
2008 Border Languages: Mirandese
2005 Por toda a parte - Uma certa história da língua portuguesa
2005 VarV: Inflectional Variants of the Verb, in Spoken Continental Portuguese

LabFon - Laboratory of Phonetics     
2013 DEPE - Development of Prosodic Structure and Intonation
2011 Frequency patterns of Phonological Objects in Portuguese: Research and Applications
2010 Network Forms and Function of Prosodic Structure (hosted by Radbout University Nijmegen)
2010 Rhythmic Patterns, Prosodic Domains and Probabilistic Modeling of Portuguese Corpora (hosted by Univ. Campinas)

Laboratory of Psycholinguistics     
2011 APAT-EP - Articulatory Production Assesment Test for European Portuguese
2011 Reading Comprehension. Word sentence and text processing

  Electronic edition of Leal Conselheiro, by D. Duarte
  Edition of O Livro de Virtuosa Bemfeyturua