Participant institutions:


History Center FLUL

Library of the Faculty of Letters (University of Lisbon)

Madison Libraries

University of Wisconsin


Research Team:

Ana Neves (FLUL)

Jason Doroga (UW, Madison)

João Dionísio (CLUL)

Paloma Celis-Carbajal (UW, Madison)

Pedro Estácio (FLUL Library)

Susana Pedro (Centro de História, FLUL)

William Straub (UW, Madison)

This project started in October 2008 and aims at providing:
(1) an electronic edition of the moral treatise Leal Conselheiro by Portuguese King Duarte (1391-1438) which will include a critical edition, a documentary edition and a digitization of the single extant manuscript with the full text;
(2) an electronic edition of the partial versions delivered by the most relevant medieval and Renaissance witnesses, also including a critical establishment, a documentary edition and a digitized representation;
(3) the transcription of the literary, religious and historic sources Duarte used when writing Leal Conselheiro;
(4) the transcription of the medieval texts Leal Conselheiro exerted influence on.
The results of this project will be hosted free-access in the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections (