Ivo Castro

Joana Serafim (with assistance from the students of the master-classes Oficina de Edições)

Sílvio Toledo Neto


Oficina de Edições is a sort of master-classes run by Ivo Castro, as part of the curriculum of DLGR. Students are typically post-graduates who are preparing philological editions. Since 2008, apart from their individual projects, students started in common the enterprise of diplomatically editing, in electronic medium, all the Portuguese manuscripts of the Rule of Saint Benedict and of establishing its textual transmission (including its connections with the portuguese manuscripts of the Latin version). At present (2010), a website ( makes available the edition of five manuscripts besides assorted documents on the Rule.
The Post Doctoral scholarship (FCT) of Joana Serafim, whose goal is to retrieve and collate all the Latin manuscripts extant at Portuguese libraries, is associated with this project.

- edition of other manuscripts in Portuguese of the Rule
- edition of 16th century print copies of the Rule
- research on collation and stemmatics
- research on the evolution of medieval Portuguese