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The Syntax-oriented Corpus of Portuguese Dialects (CORDIAL-SIN) is a project directed towards the study of the dialectal syntactic variation of European Portuguese - within a Principles and Parameters perspective - using a corpus markup methodology. Since 1999, the project has developed and enhanced research activities on Portuguese dialect syntax.

Main Goals: 

  1. Studying the syntax of European Portuguese dialects under a comparative perspective.
  2. Developing and enhancing research activity on syntactic dialect variation in Portugal and strengthening cooperation with  international dialect syntax projects (CORDIAL-SIN participates at the networks Edisyn - European Dialect Syntax and Wedisyn - Dialect Syntax in Westmost Europe). 
  3. Building up and making available online the Syntax-oriented Corpus of Portuguese Dialects (CORDIAL-SIN). This corpus is updated and improved on a regular basis. The existence of the corpus feeds the goals expressed in 1. and 2. above.
  4. Exploiting existing resources in order to make them available to the scientific community and relevant for the development of the field of comparative dialect syntax. A rich recorded speech collection owned by CLUL provides the 'raw material' for the constitution of the Syntax-oriented Corpus of Portuguese Dialects.


 Funding FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

  • R&D Unit Pluriannual funding - UID/LIN/00214/2013
  • DUPLEX - PTDC/LIN/71559/2006
  • Sintaxe Dialectal - POCTI/LIN/46980/2002
  • CORDIAL-SIN, Phase 2 - POSI/PLP/33275/1999


Project Start: 1999