Name: M. Valentina Garcia Ferreira

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Academic Degree: Master in Linguistics (M. A.)

Professional Status:
Presently retired from pedagogical activity at the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Letters and at the High School of Education. 
After having been a Researcher, now  is a Collaborator at CLUL. 

CLUL's Research Sector: Dialectology and Diachrony

Main Research Areas: Philology. Study of mediaeval manuscripts. Text editions.

Other Research Area: Onomastics.


Academic Degrees:

  • 1985   M A  in Linguistics  (Dissertation: Diplomatic Edition of 'Livro da Repartiçom da fruita' de Loulé 1450) Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon.
  • 1977 Bachelor's in Linguistics, Faculty of Letters U .L.
  • 1976 Post-graduate studies in Phonology at the University of New York (Oswego).
  • 1971 Post-graduate studies in Applied Linguistics at the Michigan University at Ann Harbor.
  • 1959 Studies in Pedagogical Sciences. Faculty of Letters U. L.
  • 1959  Bachelor's in Germanic Philology. Faculty of Letters U. L. 


1. Teaching: Linguistics and languages

1979-1999  Phonology, History of the Port. language and Applied Linguistics   at the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Letters and High School of Education.

1959-1979  Modern languages; supervising and tutoring language teachers in training classes at secondary schools.

2. CLUL's Projects
Studies in Portuguese Philology/ 
MATE Project: Modern and Ancient Texts study and Editions/ 2 
  . Textual Criticism: An Interpretative Edition and linguistic analysis of 'Livro da     Repartiçom da fruita' de Loulé 1450/  and  3
  .  Port. Onomastics: Studies and collaborations.
Project PATROM (1987/ 89): Dictionnaire hist. des noms de famille romans.


Ferreira, M. Valentina G.

 "Seven Surnames of Jews from the Iberian Peninsula" (A historical and  linguistic study).
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Portuguese Onomastics: the latest twenty years" a collaboration for the Meertens Institute, Amsterdam.

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"The story of the sweet Marmelada, a nickname in the south of Portugal".
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A Port. version  of this paper "Marmelada - a história 'doce´ de uma alcunha de Loulé":   In: Duarte, Inês & Isabel Faria (orgs)  Actas do XX Encontro Nacional  da Associação Port. de Linguística (2004), Faculty of Letters. Lisboa: APL 2005: 573-89;  and 
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Ferreira, M. Valentina G.  &  José R. Ferreira
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Ferreira, M. Valentina G . &  José R. Ferreira
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