Researcher: Fernando Brissos

Project start: 2014 (as a sub-project of Fernando Brissos’ postdoc project, Acoustic Study of Portuguese Dialects (Estudo Acústico dos Dialectos Portugueses; FCT grant nr. SFRH / BPD / 78479 / 2011))


Description: AVOC aims to cartograph the stressed vowels of continental Portuguese dialects by using exclusively acoustic data. This purpose is based on two observations: (i) due to their objective (materialistic) and quantitative nature, acoustic data are of high interest to linguistics and dialectology; (ii) whether in Portuguese linguistics or in most other languages, there is a significant lack of dialectal studies that use acoustic data.

Those two facts come together into the following course of action: to move forward in dialectal depictions, which are traditionally produced by means of perceptual data only.

AVOC uses ALEPG’s sound archive; see Brissos 2014a for a detailed description of AVOC’s formal procedures.

The project does not have a predetermined network of inquiry points: due to the fact that only male informants are used, each inquiry point requires validation before acoustic depiction.



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