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Grammar & Resources
Project Date
Documentation of Sri Lanka Portuguese -
LeCIEPLE - Learner Corpus: da investigação ao ensino de Português Língua Estrangeira/Língua Segunda -
Portuguese-based creoles of the Dravidian space: Diachrony and synchrony -
COPAS - Contrast and Parallelism in Speech -
CLAP - Complement clauses in the Acquisition of Portuguese
SynExtract - automatic extraction of synonymy relations for a cost-effective acquisition of language resources -
SemiAutLex.PT - Semi-automatic construction of relational lexica for Portuguese -
As origens e o desenvolvimento de sociedades crioulas no Golfo da Guiné: um estudo interdisciplinar -
METANET4U - Enhancing the European Linguistic Infrastructure -
Dictionary PT-SK - Online Dictionary Portuguese-Slovak/Slovak-Portuguese -
WordNet.PTglobal – Lexical-Conceptual Network of Portuguese Varieties -
WordNet PortControl - CLG-Controlled Portuguese -
PREPLEXOS - Complex Predicates: typology and corpus annotation -
Aquisição do Português Europeu: Recursos e Resultados Linguísticos -
SILC - Silent Constituents in the Grammar of Portuguese -
Properties of African Portuguese Varieties compared with European Portuguese
Linguistic Resources for the Study of the African Varieties of Portuguese
COMBINA-PT - Word Combinations in Portuguese Language
WordNet.PT - Lexical-Conceptual Network of Portuguese (II) -
LENCIC - A interface léxico-enciclopédia na construção de léxicos computacionais -
INQUER – Human-Computer Interaction in Natural Language -
UniNet.PT – Modelling of Lexical and Grammatical Knowledge of Portuguese for the integration in multilingual computational systems based on the UNL platform -
COMPGRAM - Computation of Lexicon and Grammar -
ENABLER - European National Activities for Basic Language Resources -
LexNet – Specification of Lexicalization Patterns for an extension of WordNet.PT -
C-ORAL-ROM - Integrated Reference Corpora for Spoken Romance Languages -
PROGRAM – Linguistic Processing Lab -
Language Resources for Portuguese: a corpus and tools for query and analysis
WordNet.PT – Lexical-Conceptual Network of Portuguese (I) -
Aspects of Teaching Portuguese Morphology and Syntax as Mother Tongue -