Critical edition and study of the eight Galician-Portguese satires of th 13th century against Joam Fernandes

Project PI
Ângela Correia

In the turbulent period in which, at the same time, the Tartar invaded Europe and Emperor Frederick II and Pope Gregor IX has a misunderstanding, four trobadours produced eight satires aimed at an unidentified figure who they call «Joam Fernandes» and refer to as a «moor», although a passage claims that he was not a moor, he simples appeared to be one. The goal of this project is to to review the criticial editions of these satires and provide them with historical context, in order to understand the reach of the satire and how the authors intended to act and which were their intentions.  This study also aims to locate and date the creation of these cantigas and indentify the figures that remain unidentified.

Project PI