Os Degraus do Parnaso, by M. S. Lourenço. Digital edition of the drafts

Po 225607
Funding institution
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Project PI
João Dionísio

This experimental project is centered on producing and making available: a) a full digitization of the notebooks containing texts that are included in Os Degraus do Parnaso (DP). These notebooks are known as «Musikästhetik», siglum M (Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Archive E62/205); «Harmonielehre | III | Skizzen», siglum H; and «Notizbuch | Ab | Sommersemester 1984», siglum N (the second and third items are at present in the hands of a private collector), b) a TEI/XML transcription of the notebooks focused on the DP texts; c) a codicological description of each notebook.

Project PI