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Academic degree
Professional situation
Assistant Professor
Research Areas
Phonetics & Phonology; Speech perception & production; L2 speech learning
University of Lisbon
Start date End date Description
2022.10 present

Assistant Professor at the Department of General and Romance Linguistics, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon

2021.11 2022.09

Assistant Professor at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Minho 

2018 2021

PhD grant ULisboa 2017 (Language Science)

Selected publications

Zhou, C., & Hamann, S. (2024). Modelling the acquisition of the Portuguese tap by L1- Mandarin learners: A BiPhon-HG account for individual differences, syllable-position effects and orthographic influences in L2 speech . Glossa: A Journal Of General Linguistics.
Berti, L. C., & Zhou, C. (2023). Relação entre produção e percepção das líquidas no Português. In Fonologia do Português e Interfaces (pp. 110-128). Routledge.
Zhou, C., & Rato, A. (2023). Syllable position effects in the perception of L2 Portuguese /l/ and /ɾ/ by L1-Mandarin learners. Second Language Research.
Flores, C., Zhou, C., & Eira, C. (2022). “I no longer count in German.” On dominance shift in returnee heritage speakers. Applied Psycholinguistics, 1-25.
Zhou, C., & Li, X. (2021). LextPT: A reliable and efficient vocabulary size test for L2 Portuguese proficiency. Behavior Research Methods.
Zhou, C. (2021). L2 speech learning of European Portuguese /l/ and /ɾ/ by L1-Mandarin learners: Experimental evidence and theoretical modelling. Language Acquisition, 1-2.
Zhou, C., & Hamann, S. (2020). Cross-Linguistic Interaction Between Phonological Categorization and Orthography Predicts Prosodic Effects in the Acquisition of Portuguese Liquids by L1-Mandarin Learners. Interspeech 2020. ISCA.

All publications

Date Conference title Type Authors Institution Docs
Portuguese has two underlying rhotics: evidence from Lisbon and Carioca varieties

 Annual Meeting on Phonology @ Toronto (AMP 2021)

Poster C. Zhou, A. Jesus University of Toronto
LextPT: um teste fiável e eficiente do tamanho de vocabulário de português L2

13.º Congresso Internacional da Associação Internacional de Lusitanistas

Oral presentation Chao Zhou online/Roma, Italy
Formalizing the mismatch between L2 perception and production of European Portuguese liquids by L1-Mandarin learners

Going Romance 34

Oral presentation Chao Zhou, Silke Hamann Online
Variação na aquisição dos plurais das palavras com lateral final do PE: uma análise à luz da Teoria da Otimidade

PHONOSHUTTLE OPO-LIS - Ponte aérea de Fonologia

Oral presentation Chao Zhou, Maria João Freitas Universidade do Porto/ Online
On the structural modifications of European Portuguese syllable-final tap by L1-Mandarin learners

45th Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD)

Poster C. Zhou, A. Rato, Maria João Freitas Online
On the role of orthography in the acquisition of Portuguese /ɾ/ by Mandarin native speaker


Oral presentation C. Zhou, Silke Hamann University of Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3)