ALLP - Linguistic Atlas of the Portuguese Coast

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Gabriela Vitorino


This project is aimed at studying the lexicon related to fishing daily life along the Portuguese coast. The dialectal questionnaire has about 1200 questions on the following semantic fields: fishing and fishing procedures; boats and sailing; crew and fishing trade; sea fauna and flora; coast and sea aspects; weather phenomena. Forty localities set up the inquiry net: 23 on the continental coast, 5 in Madeira archipelago and 12 in Azores archipelago.

A pre-print of 200 lexical maps on sea fauna and flora (with an alphabetical list of contents) is achieved for the continental domain. It includes the collected data concerning the different species and the general features of fauna, with phonetic transcription of the data. Each map deals with just one concept or one biological species and includes a set of comments on specific features related to the concept or the lexical information. In addition, species not regularly researched are also considered in the maps' comments.

The phonetic transcription of all the material collected and its introduction in an electronic lexical database has been accomplished. The lexicon related to the Sea Fauna and Flora, concerning the Azores islands, are published in the online edition of ALEAç - Atlas Linguístico-Etnográfico dos Açores, which includes 156 lexical maps with notes (search for A fauna e a flora marinhas).


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