Critical edition and study of the eight Galician-Portuguese satires of the 13th century against «Don Estevan»

Project PI
Ângela Correia

In the turbulent period that preceeds the deposition of Sancho II of Portugal, and which follows this event, four troubadours (Airas Peres Vuitorom, Mem Rodrigues Tenoiro, Joam Soares Coelho e Roi Queimado produce eight satires aimed at na historical figure who they call «Don Estevan». The goal of this project is to review the criticial editions of these cantigas, as well as the interpretations that have been provided by the critics. We also intend to identify this historical figure (Don Estevan»), as well as another person who is also mentioned («Don Marcos»), both of which remain unidentified; we also intend to suggest a date and location of the satires and justify the suggestion by providing detailed context of the texts’ composition. We also aim to comprehend the goal of the satire, its Mechanisms and efffects, as well as eventual articulations between the authors and their potential ties.

Correia, Â. (2021). O outro nome de «Don Estevan» : oito sátiras trovadorescas relacionadas com Sancho II de Portugal. Lisboa: Biblioteca Nacional.
Project PI