Corpus of Ancient Texts

Project PI
Cristina Sobral

The Corpus of Ancient Texts provides online paleographic editions of texts originally written in portuguese or translated to portuguese up to 1525.



  • to  provide reliable data for  linguistic analysis;
  • to provide data  for study in the field of History of the book and textual transmission;
  • to provide transcriptions suitable as the first stage for critical editions;
  • to provide comparative data for analysis of editions which may need revision or do not document  enough editorial choices;
  • to make available inedit texts or texts only known on editions that, by their antiquity or rarity, have become inaccessible.


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Project PI
Past members
Juliana Fonte
Marta Cruz (2014-2018)
Adriana Luís (2017-2018)
Cristiana Mendonça (2017-2018)
Mariana Andrade (2017-2018)
Patrícia Franco (2016-2017)
Ana Rita C. Silva (2017)
Ana Rita D. Silva (2017)
Maria Inês Almeida (2015)
Marisa Henriques (2014-2015)
Jessica Firmino (2012)