Grammar & Resources

The group is centered on modeling linguistic knowledge, integrating interfaces between different areas of grammar and knowledge about how language is put to use. Joint work in formal phonology, lexicon, syntax and semantics allows building an integrated model of grammar, considering how it is represented in the human mind, as well as how it can be computationally modelled; work on L1 and L2 acquisition is at the core of this work. The integration of models of language representation and models of language use is achieved through the study of corpora.

The production of corpora and resources is justified by the goal of developing documentation and providing descriptions of contemporary European Portuguese, but also of understudied contact languages or varieties (Portuguese-based creoles, national varieties of Portuguese in Africa and Asia). The group also produces resources for the study of L1 and L2 acquisition in different settings. The group integrates CLARIN LP.

Research on L1 and L2 acquisition contributes to CLUL’s general purpose of effectively articulating fundamental and applied research, namely in the areas of Educational Linguistics and Clinical Linguistics.

General goals:

- To produce new resources for the study of Portuguese and Portuguese-based creoles;

- To pursue basic research on natural language modeling, integrating knowledge on interfaces between language modules;

- To continue the documentation and description of understudied creoles and new varieties of Portuguese that emerged in a context of language contact;

- To develop the study of language acquisition with an emphasis on language contact situations (see new international Heritage Language Consortium) and on the comparison between typical and atypical development;

- To explore the potential of comparative linguistics in the production of resources for translation and to promote connections with the industry in the area of translation.


Resources Type
A Lexicon of Child European Portuguese - CEPLEXicon Lexicon
A Portuguese Native Language Identification Dataset - NLI-PT Database
Acquisition of European Portuguese Databank - AcEP Database
Child-Adult Interaction Corpus - CAI Corpus
Child-Adult interaction European Portuguese Database
Consonantic Sequences Oral and Written Production Tasks - PORESC Tool
Controlled Portuguese - CLG Database
Corpora of PLE Corpus
Corpus Almeida - European Portuguese / French Corpus
Corpus Angolar Corpus
Corpus C-ORAL-ROM Corpus
Corpus CCF Corpus
Corpus CINTIL Corpus
Corpus Fadambo Corpus
Corpus Leiria (1991) Corpus
Corpus of Cape Verdean Portuguese Corpus
Corpus of Sri Lanka Portuguese Corpus
Corpus of the Diaries of the Portuguese Parliament annotated with PoS - PTPARL Corpus
Corpus PESTRA Corpus
Corpus Português Fundamental - Corpus PF Corpus
Corpus Principense Corpus
Corpus REDIP Corpus
Corpus Santome Corpus
Corpus SANTOS - European Portuguese Corpus
Crosslinguistic Child Phonology Project - Português Europeu - CLCP-PE Tool
Dados Orais de Cabo Verde - CV Words Database
Demo de Subespecificação e Desambiguação de Escopo Tool
Dictionary of Hindi-Portuguese-Hindi Database
Diu Indo-Portuguese Data Set Database
Learner Corpus of Portuguese L2 - COPLE2 Corpus
LT Corpus (Literary Corpus) - LT Corpus Corpus
Modality Lexicon - MODAL-LEX-PT Lexicon
Multifunctional Computational Lexicon of Contemporary Portuguese Lexicon
Named Entity Recognizer - CRPC-NER Tool
Nominal Multiword Lexical Units in European Portuguese Lexicon
NPChunks: Corpus of 1000 sentences annotated with PoS and nominal chunks - NPChunks Corpus
Online Corpus of Writing and Speech of Children in the Early Years of Schooling - EFFE-On Corpus
Online Dictionary Portuguese-Slovak/Slovak-Portuguese Database
Pereira&Freitas - EP Corpus
Person-Machine Interaction in Natural Language - INQUER Database
PhonoDis Corpus
Phonological Awareness Tasks for First Grade School Children - TCFC Tool
Portuguese Biographies - Bio-PT Database
Portuguese Corpus Annotated for Modality - MODAL Corpus
Portuguese Lexicon of Discourse Markers - LDM-PT Lexicon
Portuguese Technical Lexica - LEXTEC Lexicon
Portuguese Discourse Bank - CRPC-DB Corpus
Quotations database - CRPC-quotations Database
Ramalho – EP Corpus
Reference Corpus of Contemporary Portuguese - CRPC Corpus
Santome Structure Dataset Database
Spoken Corpus Mozambique 1986-87 - SCM Corpus
Spoken Portuguese - Geographical and Social Varieties Corpus
Vocatives in European Portuguese Corpus
Word Combination in European Portuguese - LEX-MWE-PT Lexicon
WordNet.PT Lexicon